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We’re looking at the 3Dison personal 3D printer line, made by Rokit of South Korea. 

We had not seen this vendor previously and were quite surprised by what we found. Rokit produces a line of 3D printers with some startling capabilities. 

The company first launched a basic personal 3D printer, the 3Dison III in 2013, selling around 1,000 units, mostly in Korea. 

But this year they’ve launched several new personal 3D printers: the 3Dison Pro, 3Dison Multi, 3Dison AEP and 3Dison H700. 

The 3Dison Pro is a very capable personal 3D printer with a large build volume of 290 x 205 x 245mm, minimum layer size of only 25 microns (0.025mm), a maximum printing speed of an incredible 1,000mm/second, heated build plate, auto-leveling, internal thermometer, LED lighting and swappable extruder. They offer a paste extruder that can be easily swapped in to enable printing of gooey materials including food products. 

One feature we quite like is the spool holder, which is a terribly simple concept on the top of the unit. It provides easy access, no need for tubes and a straight run to the extruder. 

The H700 is similar to the Pro, but offers an outstanding Z-axis height of 680mm (not quite 700, but good nevertheless). 

The 3Dision Multi is a dual-extruder version of the Pro. It comes with multiple nozzle sizes, enabling easy printing of a wide variety of filament materials. Also included are a WiFi camera to observe printing in progress, as well as an embedded battery to maintain printing during brief power bumps. This is  feature we’ve not seen previously – and now think it should be a standard feature from all vendors. Finally, the Multi also includes a laser engraver! This enables engraving and cutting of many materials within the same cabinet. 

The 3Dison AEP, shown at top, stands for “Advanced Engineering Plastic”. This unit, similar to the others, has a big difference: it can handle very high printing temperatures, enabling easy printing of polycarbonate or ULTEM plastics. ULTEM in particular is of great interest due to its superior engineering characteristics. This is the only personal unit we’ve seen capable of printing ULTEM. 

You ask how much these units cost? Here’s what we found:

  • 3Dison III: USD$1,000
  • 3Dison Pro USD$4-5,000
  • 3Dison AEP USD$6,000
  • 3Dison H7000 USD$6-7,000

The AEP’s pricing is vastly less than competing ULTEM options. This could shake up the market a bit, if Rokit can begin selling widely. We understand they’re now seeking USA distributors. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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