Some Changes at the Top of MakerBot Today

By on February 24th, 2015 in Corporate

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MakerBot announced some key changes today to their top position. There’s a new CEO!

Current CEO Jenny Lawton has been leading MakerBot since the departure of founder Bre Pettis months ago. Previously, she had been developing company strategy, most notably working on their blockbuster merger with Stratasys. According to today’s announcement, she’s no longer CEO of MakerBot as of March 1st. 

Replacing Lawton will be Jonathan Jaglom. Jaglom is moving into MakerBot’s big chair from the role of general manager of Stratasys Asia Pacific Japan.

What happens to Lawton? She’s definitely not going away. Lawton has long been working behind the scenes on many of MakerBot’s important changes over the past few years. The skill she demonstrated on that work was not lost on Stratasys, who have promoted her to Executive Vice President Special Projects for Stratasys – which reports directly to Stratasys CEO David Reis. Evidently the Stratasys authorities were sufficiently impressed with her accomplishments and skills in not only desktop 3D printing but also 3D printing in general to place her in this very important role. 

Jaglom, meanwhile, could finalize the long transformation of MakerBot from opensourcey-startup to major corporation. His background is in high-end 3D printing, having most recently been managing Stratasys sales in Asia and prior to that, various sales and marketing roles in Objet before the Stratasys merger since 2005. 

With the appearance of any new CEO, expect changes, and big ones. But you won’t see them soon. CEOs typically take longer periods to influence the day-to-day activities of any company, particularly one as large as MakerBot is today. For the moment, expect MakerBot to continue its current trajectory. 

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