The Eris 3D Delta Printer and Other SeeMeCNC Happenings

By on February 10th, 2015 in printer

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SeeMeCNC is developing a mini version of their delta 3D printer. 

Set to be available in March, the Eris is the smallest delta ever released by SeeMeCNC, a company dedicated to producing delta 3D printers. 

A “delta” 3D printer, if you haven’t heard, is one that uses an unusual mechanical mechanism to move the extruder. While most 3D printers use an X-Y-Z three-way “cartesian” method, the delta approach involves three towers with articulated arms suspending the extruder above the print surface as shown at top. 

The Eris prints up to 127 x 152mm (5 x 6”). (Note that delta machines quote build volume in two factors, diameter and height). Only PLA plastic is supported, as the inexpensive Eris does not include a heated build plate. As this is a low-priced offering, you won’t find many high-end options on the Eris, such as a touch panel or WiFi. But it still works and won’t cost you very much. 

The Eris fits right in with many other “mini” style 3D printers recently announced. It seems the market is choosing a size factor that many manufacturers are now working towards. SeeMeCNC is no exception. 

Aside from the upcoming Eris, SeeMeCNC still offers their existing line of delta 3D printers, namely the pre-assembled Orion at USD$1,299 and the very popular DIY Rostock kit at USD$999. 

SeeMeCNC reps tell us they are still committed to marketing DIY kits, with sales of kits double that of assembled products. The company, which produces all of the products in-house in the USA, says they grew an astonishing 250% last year and expects to hit similar marks this year. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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