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By on February 1st, 2015 in Hardware

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A new project called “UberBlox” hopes to create a flexible electro-mechanical building and construction system. 

It’s not a 3D printer per se, but rather it’s a kit of components from which you could build a 3D printer – or almost any type of mechanical machine, including CNCs, Robots, Drones and much more. 

They explain how it works: 

The possibilities of creating projects with UberBlox™ are limitless. We have created an electro-mechanical building and construction system that could be reconfigurable, modular, strong, and quick and easy to use. Our control components are built around popular boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. 

With UberBlox™ you simply come up with an idea and start assembling parts, everything lining up for you automatically. This is much like plastic building blocks, but now with much more strength and rigidity. Throw in an entire sub-system of related components and sub-assemblies and you can create some truly awesome machines. 

And they truly are awesome. In their promotional video you can see an actual, operating cartesian 3D printer made with UberBlox, plus plans for many other mechanical devices, including a delta robot, an alternate mechanical paradigm for 3D printers. 

From what we can tell, the kit will include a variety of different mechanical components that can easily be combined to create virtually any type of mechanical movement. You’ll just need to add specific features for the device’s purpose – an extruder for a 3D printer, or a router for a CNC mill, perhaps. 

The product is not quite available yet. They’re hoping to launch a Kickstarter campaign in February, when pricing will be available. Meanwhile, if you visit their page you can enter a contest to receive a free UberBlox kit in advance of launch.

We’re hoping kits like UberBlox can assist inventors in furthering their vision of 3D printing by developing improved machines in the very near future. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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