3D Printshow Hits Madrid

By on March 8th, 2015 in Event

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3D Printshow has vastly expanded its slate of events in 2015 and the first event takes place in Madrid, Spain. 

The growing conference now has no less than seven major 3D printing-related events scheduled to take place in 2015. Scheduled cities include: Madrid (this week), Berlin, New York City, London, Pasadena, Paris and Dubai. We have a suspicion they may add to this list in 2016, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. 

How close is the event? It takes place on March 12-13, and we caught a picture of the 3D Printshow team heading to Spain here. 

For now, you might consider dropping by the 3D Printshow this week in Madrid – but if you are, please get your tickets soon as we understand there are very few left available due to the popularity of this event. 

We’ve attended several of 3D Printshow’s events in the past and always find them informative and exciting, particularly for those new to 3D printing. If you can, check them out! 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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