Stratasys Makes an Acquisition

By on March 1st, 2015 in Corporate


3D printing giant Stratasys has acquired UK-based consultancy Econolyst and converting it into a key Stratasys division. 

The twelve-year old company, led by Dr. Phil Reeves, specialized in providing expertise to companies involved in or using 3D printing. While some Fabbaloo readers may believe getting into 3D printing is a simple matter, it certainly is not for many large corporations, who must make critical decisions on how, what and when to engage 3D printing technology. Econolyst provided the skills and knowledge in these situations, among others. 

Now, they’re part of Stratasys. But in what form? Stratasys describes their intentions:

Econolyst’s highly skilled team, led by Dr. Phil Reeves, a 20-year industry veteran in the Additive Manufacturing space, will form the foundation of the new Stratasys Strategic Consulting Division. This Division will complement Stratasys’ other Services offerings, which are designed to help customers build their Additive Manufacturing vision and strategy, support implementation and optimize 3D Printing workflows. 

We see this move as part of Stratasys’ recent strategy to provoke more use of 3D printing technology within industry. While 3D printing capabilities have been available for literally decades, there are still a vast number of companies that don’t understand or use it. 

Recently Stratasys has been collecting expertise in a number of vertical industries, so that questions can be answered and opportunities identified where ever required. 

However, the Econolyst’s transformation into a Strategic Consulting Division ties it all together. This unit will no doubt leverage Stratasys’ now considerable expertise in industry verticals to rapidly identify – and quantify – 3D printing business opportunities for many manufacturers. 

Expect more Stratasys sales to industry in the future. And a growing Strategic Consulting Division.

Via Stratasys and Econolyst

By Kerry Stevenson

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