The LumiPocket 3D Printer is Literally “In Demand”

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Lumia Industries successfully launched their LumiPocket high resolution 3D printer a while ago, but now it’s moved into the “In Demand” phase. 

“In Demand” means something specific in the Indiegogo fundraising world. It means that the official launch campaign has actually ended, but that the product can still be ordered. This, after the company raised a healthy USD$67K and selling around 150 units. 

The curiously shaped machine (above) is capable of 3D printing 0.05mm layers in a 100 x 100 x 100mm volume. Here you can see the very good resolution available from this unit. 

You might be slightly confused by their Indiegogo page, which at first appears to be “Sold Out”. In fact, the sold-out items were  limited quantities for launch only. Scroll down, way down, and you’ll see new perks available where you can order various LumiPocket combos, including a fully assembled unit with DLP projector for only USD$899. 

The current orders are slightly different in other ways from the original orders. According to Lumi Industries’ Davide Marin: 

Since the beginning of the campaign we have improved a lot the overall quality of our printer, that is now capable to print with a resolution of up to 37 microns XY and 50 on Z axis; we also are also working on accessories to complete the printing and curing process that will be announced in the next months.

If you happen to want to try out an inexpensive pocket-sized resin-based 3D printer, you might want to check out the LumiPocket. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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