Those Strange Incoming 3D Printing Messages

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We’ve been writing this blog for eight years now, and we will never cease to be amazed by the unusual incoming messages we always receive. 

Here’s some recent highlights of messages we’ve received – and keep in mind we report on 3D printing technology; we don’t have a store or products to sell. Nevertheless, people seem to think we do.


i have followed the manual in changing the single cartridge on my printer and it keeps telling me that it does not detect the cartridge. it also notes BAY 1. yet i am working with bay 1 please advise 

Why ask us when you can ask your product’s support team? Actually, it would help a lot if we knew which machine you were using. And are you REALLY using BAY 1?


Can you make a print on our plates? Pictures are in attachment. If yes, please calculate costs.



Please update me when resin is available. Please also email if there is anything new in 3D printing.

In fact, resin is ALWAYS available. Just not from us. And, apologies, we don’t have time to send emails every 10 minutes when something happens. 


Greetings,Well I would like to know whether you sell Engine Block, let me know the available sizes/models or a link to that. 

We’ve seen 3D printed engine block, but they’re pretty heavy so we don’t have any handy. 


Would like to know if you  do have this {Style #K7407G-3323G}in stock and if yes kindly let  me know how much do you charge when using Master or Visa Credit Card

We do indeed accept Visa or Mastercard! But we definitely don’t have any #K7407G-3323G’s in stock. 


I am interested in buying few of 3D printer single extruders from Fabbaloo. Would you please give me details about shipping options available ? Once I buy, may I have the detail design of the extruders?

We can’t seem to find where it says we sell extruders. Probably best to check out an extruder manufacturer!


Kindly could you tell me all the vendors of 3D Printer parts, print material and add-ons in <far away country>? If the list is on sale then kindly forward the link of the same to me to enable me to make a purchase decision.

All of them? All? That could be an awful lot of vendors. Sorry, that’s beyond our capability, at least for now.  


Could you advice please -I am looking for an equipment to print adhesive with the following characteristics  on paper :
 Aqueous dispersion of an acrylate polymer
 SOLIDS CONTENT Approx. 52 %
 VISCOSITY Approx. 6000 mPas (Brookfield RVT, spindle 4, 20 r/min., 20°C)
 DENSITY Approx. 1,03 g/cm3
Also could you recommend me please any printer manufacturer?

This sounds like a “real paper” application, not 3D printing. Wondering how one could develop such a very specific question yet send it to many sites that merely mention the word, “Printing”?


Ok, so perhaps these folks were earnestly asking valid questions from their point of view. However, we can’t help thinking that they’d get far better results if they did a little bit more research before asking their question. It could be that they’ve sent these enquiries en masse to dozens of unlikely sources for answers. 

On the other hand, more enquiries can indicate increased interest in 3D printing and that’s a good thing. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

Kerry Stevenson, aka "General Fabb" has written over 8,000 stories on 3D printing at Fabbaloo since he launched the venture in 2007, with an intention to promote and grow the incredible technology of 3D printing across the world. So far, it seems to be working!