Creaform Sets Up in the USA

By on April 4th, 2015 in Corporate


Creaform has opened up an office in the USA. What does this mean? 

Creaform is a long-time manufacturer of high-end 3D scanners. These are devices capable of capturing precise 3D surface scans of up to 0.05mm resolution, which is about as good as you can get from any 3D scanner. 

The company originated in mid-2002 in Levis, near Quebec City, where their headquarters still resides. In 2013 the company was acquired by the much larger AMETEK corporation, a big time maker of electronic instruments. How big are they? Well, according to their website they have annual sales of USD$4B and employ over 15,000. 

The Creaform announcement relates to a new US-based corporation and office located in Costa Mesa, California. 

What does this mean? Is the company moving to the USA from Canada? Certainly not, we expect their manufacturing and design – and headquarters – to remain in Levis. This move is all about sales and distribution. If you want to get deep into a market, it’s best you’re close to the action and can understand how local markets work. There are numerous stories of companies entering foreign lands, only to discover they didn’t really know how best to operate in unfamiliar territory. 

With this move, Creaform fixes the problem by installing folks familiar with the US market. They’ll know the distributors and retailers that might sell Creaform equipment, and how to do so in an optimal fashion for the US market. 

It’s a good move by Creaform, and we expect they’ll be increasing their sales significantly as a result of this maneuver. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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