TYTAN 3D’s Gaja Multitool Ten-Headed Platform

By on April 5th, 2015 in printer

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Poland-based TYTAN 3D has developed the Gaja Multitool – a 3D printer with up to ten different heads for a variety of functions. 

The company previously produced the Goliat metal extruder for RepRaps last year and a 3D printer dedicated to printing clay and ceramics, the Gaja 3D. Now they’ve adapted the Gaja to accept different toolheads. 

The Gaja Multitool, shown here, is a well-made delta 3D printer. So well, the team realized the Gaja mechanicals could withstand use by other types of toolheads. So far they have developed the following toolheads, in addition to the Gaja’s existing clay/ceramic and 3D printing (in both 1.75mm and 3.0mm) capability:

  • A cartridge-based system where you can extrude your own mixes of material and binder, such as brass, aluminum, concrete, paper mash or even glass. 
  • A diamond stylus for 2D engravings
  • A sharp blade to precisely cut curves in material, perhaps for vinyl cutting
  • A CNC router for 2D and limited 3D cutting of softer materials
  • A marker can be used for writing or PCB marking
  • An experimental 1.6W laser for limited engraving (note: 1.6W is a VERY small amount of power for a laser)

The Gaja Multitool is a fully-equipped 3D printer otherwise, including a LCD panel, Ethernet connection, heated print bed, surge protector and metal frame. It’s available for around USD$4,800. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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