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BEEVERYCREATIVE offers a very slick portable personal 3D printer, and now they offer not one, not two, but FOUR more 3D printers. 

The popular brand has improved on their original machine and provided several variations targeted at specific groups. Let’s go through the new offerings one by one.

Building on BEETHEFIRST, the improved version is called BEETHEFIRST+. While they’ve included various internal improvements, the major change is that unlike it’s predecessor, the “+” can now print in more than just PLA plastic. It can accept “all heated bed free types of filament available in the market” with its new extruder. We think this means the extruder can achieve higher temperatures, but the lack of a heated print surface may restrict material options for practical purposes. 

Based on BEETHEFIRST+, BEE IN SCHOOL and BEE ME are specifically packaged for the education and maker markets, respectively. You’ll see these units appear in schools and fablabs. Both units are priced with discounts in the pre-order period, but BEE IN SCHOOL has a slightly larger discount. Expect both to be priced identically once pre-sales cease.  

BEE IN SCHOOL and BEE ME also have a new cover that should prove more robust in the tough school and fablab environments that have large numbers of different people operating the equipment. 

Finally, there’s the Hello BEE Prusa, which is actually a version of the famous open source Prusa 3D printer design. This machine includes a heated print surface and dual extruders, so it is the most versatile among BEEVERYCREATIVE’s products. It’s a kit, so you’ll have to assemble it yourself, but once done it can 3D print almost any material. 

And don’t forget BEEVERYCREATIVE’s set-top controller option, BEECONNECT, which can be used to run the printer without an attached computer. 

BEE IN SCHOOL, BEE ME and Hello BEE Prusa will initially be available only in Europe, but we expect the company to market them elsewhere, including the United States, in the near future. 

Pricing is complex, as each model has a pre-sales discount and/or extra features provided at no cost. 

  • BEETHEFIRST+: €1,299 (USD$1,700) Pre-sales orders receive 15 BEESUPPLIES and 1 month of 3DShook
  • BEE IN SCHOOL: €1,449 (USD$1,600). Pre-sales orders receive €80 BEECONNECT credit, €280 price drop and 1 month of 3DShook
  • BEE ME: €1,449 (USD$1,600). Pre-sales orders receive €50 BEECONNECT credit, €150 price drop and 1 month of 3DShook
  • Hello BEE Prusa: €529 (USD$590)

It’s good to see a successful 3D printer company branch out from their initial launch model into more specific markets, each of which should have their needs met in an improved manner by the new BEEVERYCREATIVE models. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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