Dynamo 3D’s Speed Advantage

By on May 6th, 2015 in printer

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Italy-based Dynamo 3D produces some very fast 3D printers, but the secret to their speedy printing is a key internal component. 

While listed in their spec sheets as having a max speed of 300mm/second, which is pretty fast itself, we’re told the actual maximum speed of their D3D One Evo machine is closer to 450mm/second. 

This incredible speed is derived from the printer controller, which is able to very rapidly process the calculations necessary to control the extruder’s movements at very high speed. The controller is sourced from CreateItReal, who we wrote about yesterday. The controller board has been specifically designed for high-speed 3D printing and is theoretically capable of printing at a staggering 1,800mm/second! 

And Dynamo 3D has this board in their machine. 

We’re told that Dynamo 3D and CreateItReal spent considerable time tuning the board, software and D3D mechanicals to operate efficiently and quickly. Special slicing software is required to generate GCODE for the controller. The speed is the result of carefully combining the software, hardware and processor. 

Dynamo 3D indicates their machine can be upgraded to a faster version by replacing the custom chip on the CreateItReal controller board. This board is easily upgradeable due to the socket-based design. However, they say ultra-fast printing could see additional tuning: for example, higher print temperatures may be required to ensure the plastic can flow at a sufficiently fast rate. 

Aside from speed, the €3,100 (USD$3,500) D3D One Evo has several other interesting features, including the ability to personally customize the case. We’re told they’re soon to add WiFi capability, too. 

Via Dynamo 3D and DesignBox3D

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