Family Creates 3D Printing Business

A family has built a small 3D design business using only a personal 3D printer. 

Fish3D Designs is the company created by Connecticut-based Jason and Renée Fishner, who produce a line of simple, yet highly creative plastic jewelry. Currently they offer around 70 unique designs on their Etsy online store. 

All their products are produced on their own MakerBot Replicator 2 personal 3D printer. You might think using a small 3D printer for their production process could be a bottleneck, but consider how they’ve designed their product line: all items are very small and can be 3D printed very quickly. Most of their pieces can be produced in mere minutes! 

Another simple technique used by Fish3D is to deftly swap input filaments on the printer at opportune moments to create multicolored objects. Sure, this isn’t precise color changing that you might see on a more complex 3D printer, but Fish3D has used the limited color-swapping capability on their 3D printer to great advantage. Check out the subtle color shift on the item at top. Several of their jewelry items make use of this simple approach. This is a tremendous example of making the most from what you have. 

Most of their products are reasonably priced and available anytime on Etsy, an online platform for low-volume sellers of self-designed and produced items. Perfect for those wishing to experiment with selling self-made 3D printed items. 

Via Etsy

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