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By on May 31st, 2015 in Service

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MyMiniFactory launched MMF Connect, an online service designed to connect people in the 3D printing community. 

The service is a kind of social network, but designed for two types of people: 3D designers and 3D makers. In other words, people who can created printable 3D designs and those that are able to physically print (or make) the 3D model. 

Actually, there is a third type of person involved: You. 

MMF Connect enables anyone to find 3D designers and makers, and that’s where you come in. As you can see above, the screenshot explains it all: you’re seeking a designer or maker at a specific location. MMF Connect permits you to find either skill quickly and efficiently. 

This type of networking is critically important for 3D printing, as many people require 3D design or making skills and don’t have the time, talent or interest to acquire them personally. MMF Connect permits you to quickly find them. We can’t tell you the number of situations we’ve encountered where such skills were required and the requestor really had no idea where to start looking for them. Usually you simply have to “know someone” with the skills.

Now you don’t. Just use MMF Connect. 

We believe MMF Connect and similar functions are hugely important for the continued growth of personal 3D printing, as one of the major barriers to adoption is the difficulty in finding appropriate 3D models for printing. Consumers generally are unable to produce 3D models themselves and are forced to find someone else to develop them – or reduce their use of 3D printing. 

For now, MMF Connect seems to have a sprinkling of participants around the world, meaning it’s likely you can certainly find someone to work with you in your own time zone, at least. It’s highly likely participation in MMF Connect will grow strongly: there is a demand for 3D designers, at the least. 

Each participant can list specific skills. For example, 3D designers can specify the 3D software they’re using, such as SketchUp, SolidWorks, etc. By inspecting these skills, you can narrow down your search to more appropriate designers. Similarly, the “maker” category lists the available machines by participant. 

MMF Connect competes in two different markets. First, 3D design skills can be found on various freelance websites, although none are particularly focused on 3D printing skills. Secondly, “makers” competes against more sophisticated offerings from 3D Hubs or MakeXYZ, who have huge community networks of 3D printer operators. 

Nevertheless, we believe MMF Connect could become a very valuable tool to assist people in finding 3D print-specific skills for almost any project. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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