Trophy Printing: Another 3D Printing Use Case

By on June 7th, 2015 in Usage

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A small 3D print company in Croatia demonstrates a very common use of 3D printing technology: trophy making. 

Zagreb-based MOGLO is a small 3D printing venture that specializes in producing short runs of customized objects for customers. Currently they’re using SLA technology with a Formlabs Form 1+ and also the more common plastic extrusion approaches with other equipment. 

The challenge facing ventures such as MOGLO is generating sufficient business to survive and grow. In a way, such small companies really compete against giants such as Shapeways, 3D Hubs or Sculpteo, who are often the first stop for people wishing to obtain 3D prints. 

That’s difficult. 

One way to compete successfully is to focus on specific customer use cases and provide extraordinary service when doing so. 

MOGLO may have taken a step in that direction by producing trophies for Reboot Develop 2015, the “Biggest game developers and industry professionals conference in south east Europe”, which took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

MOGLO designed, printed and most importantly, finished the objects for immediate use by the conference. Custom finishing is something not easily done by the big players in 3D print services, and therefore is a market that could be exploited by smaller players. 

As the industry of 3D printing matures, we should see more specialization and innovation as companies continue to seek profitable niches. 

Via MOGLO (Croatian) and Facebook

By Kerry Stevenson

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