Airwolf 3D’s New AXIOM 3D Printer

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Airwolf 3D announced a very powerful new professional 3D printer that includes many incredible features: the AXIOM. 

AXIOM is said to be a “clean sheet design”, meaning it isn’t directly based on previous models from this manufacturer. It’s a brand new concept, and that shows in the capabilities exhibited by this model. 

It’s hard to know where to start when describing the features of this machine, but let’s give it a try: 

A fully enclosed build chamber provides equalized temperature during print operations to significantly reduce warp potential and increase print reliability and quality. 

A fully automated leveling procedure handles the otherwise annoying issue of unlevel print beds. This is perhaps the number one reason for print failures in other machines; but it won’t happen ever on the AXIOM.

The entire print mechanism is replaceable. Airwolf 3D calls it the “End-User Replaceable Cartridge” or “ERC”. It includes the X and Y axes mechanism, the hot end and carriage. This is not a combination of items you’d normally replace, but we suspect Airwolf 3D is setting up for simplified future upgrades to these components. 

An automated filament feed mechanism simplifies loading material into the AXIOM. It “draws new filament into its print head automatically.” This is also a common issue found in many other machines that won’t be present in the AXIOM. 

Print speed is a very rapid 250mm/s, well past the defacto industry standard of 90-100mm/s. It’s not quite as fast as machines powered with the CreateItReal accelerator, but 250mm/s is dramatically faster than normal speeds. Perhaps Airwolf 3D’s replaceable cartridge is intended to be used for future speedups with the CreateItReal board? Hm. 

The AXIOM’s hot end can reach a steamy 315C, hot enough to melt almost any filament-based material, including various exotic materials. Airwolf says it can print more than 40 different material types at layers as small as 0.04mm. 

The build volume is a very generous 318 x 203 x 254mm, enabling printing of larger objects. 

Whew! The only feature we didn’t notice might have been an onboard air filtering system. It appears that Airwolf 3D went to the drawing board with several common production problems in mind. Their intent here was to solve them for clients, making the machine much more useful than machines that don’t have these features. While several machines have some of these features, we believe only the AXIOM has all of them. 

What might this amazing machine cost? Airwolf 3D has set a price of USD$3,995 for the AXIOM, which comes with a one year warranty and a 2 week delivery time, as each machine is custom built. This is the most expensive – and powerful – machine available from Airwolf. 

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