An Update On Rokit’s Extensive Line of 3D Printers

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Korea-based Rokit may not yet market their 3D printers worldwide, but their product line covers all needs. 

We encountered Rokit’s 3DISON line at Euromold last year, where we were impressed with the features available on the machines. Since then they’ve tweaked the product line and adjusted pricing. 

Let’s take a look at the current lineup – and note that all prices mentioned below are Korea retail prices, as Rokit does not yet market their products in the USA: 

The 3DISON PLUS comes in several variations and is a high-quality, but low cost personal 3D printer, offering a build volume of 215 x 130 x 145mm and an unheated print surface. The machine can print in layers as small as 0.025mm, which is better than typical desktop units. The model shown here, the 3DISON PLUS S, is priced at USD$2,100. 

The 3DISON Multi offers a slightly larger build volume, but has dual extruders, meaning this device can print in multiple materials or use soluble support. It includes a heated print bed, permitting the use of warping materials like ABS or nylon. This machine is priced at USD$2,500. 

The 3DISON PRO is a USD$5,000 machine that has a much larger build volume, 290 x 205 x 245mm, dual extruders and can print faster. The maximum travel speed on the PRO is 600mm/s, however practical printing speeds will be less than that. 

One variation of the 3DISON PRO is the 3DISON PRO AEP, which has a most unusual feature: the hot end is rated for 450C temperatures, which means this machine can actually 3D print ULTEM material. That is a high-temperature, high-strength plastic that can otherwise only be 3D printed on machines costing many times the cost of the AEP’s USD$12,000 price. 

The 3DISON H700 PRE is a tall variant within their product line, with a massive build volume of 290 x 205 x 700mm. In this unit you will be able to 3D print very tall items over long periods with its dual extruder and heated print surface. It’s also fully enclosed to capture the heat to prevent warping during the long print durations required for taller objects. The H700 is priced at USD$8,000. 

Finally, the 3DISON CHOCO has been added to the product line. As you might guess from its name, the CHOCO is a chocolate printer, with a hot end capable of heating only to 60C. The build volume of this machine is engineered for chocolate printing: 210 x 120 x 70mm. Yes, you can print chocolate items only 70mm tall. That’s actually not a constraint, as chocolate is notoriously bad as an engineering material. Printing anything taller than that will likely be structurally unsound. Just print something quickly and eat it! The CHOCO is priced at USD$2,600. 

Now here’s the catch: currently Rokit markets the 3DISON line in Korea and thirty other countries. They are looking for a USA distributor for their interesting equipment, in case you happen to be a reseller with a need for additional quality products. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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