Authentise Releases Cloud 3D Print Service 3DIAX

By on July 18th, 2015 in Service

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Authentise launched their new 3DIAX service, which should make life much easier for larger organizations using 3D printing. 

Authentise has been developing this environment for some time now. We tested their 3D print streaming service over a year ago, and found it to be quite useful. It now seems they’ve added significant function to the basic streaming service and bundled it all together as 3DIAX. 

The cloud service provides a number of functions including the ability to store 3D models in the cloud; secure 3D print streaming; ongoing 3D print operation monitoring. They’ve also partnered with other organizations to provide added functions within the 3DIAX environment: print preparation (slicing) using cloud servers; 3D model repair and more. 

3DIAX is not a service for consumers; instead it’s really positioned for companies who wish to provide networked 3D printing services within and from an organization. A typical client for 3DIAX might be a 3D model repository that wishes to offer streamed 3D print services instead of permitting direct download (and subsequent loss of control of) expensive 3D models. It seems that Authentise has been bundling together additional functions that add to that corporate experience. 

Authentise explains: 

3DIAX represents an exciting opportunity for application developers, who can use the platform to provide access to their solutions to a large audience in an integrated workflow. This allows 3DIAX users to make sure they’re always using best in class tools by lowering switching costs, simply and on a more affordable pay-per-use basis.

Indeed, Authentise publishes an extensive list of APIs for using the cloud-based 3DIAX service, with typical REST commands such as: 

  • POST /model/  
  • GET /model/<uuid>/
  • POST /model/<uuid>/transformation/ (Apply a transformation to a 3D model)
  • POST /model/<uuid>/snapshot/ (Create an image of a 3D model)
  • POST /config/curated/ (Slice a 3D model for printing)

And much more. 

All of these services are provided with security features to enable secure corporate use of cloud capabilities, perhaps suggesting Authentise is targeting large engineering firms as clients. 

Application developers wishing to incorporate a 3D streaming service into their systems, services or applications would easily be able to do so with this set of tools. 

For most users, 3DIAX would be an unseen backroom component embedded within the visible service they happen to be using. But they would notice the added capabilities for their service. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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