Choc Edge Introduces the Choc Creator 2.0 Plus

By on July 30th, 2015 in printer

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3D printer manufacturer launched their new Choc Creator 2.0 Plus desktop chocolate printer. 

Choc Edge has been working on the technology of chocolate 3D printing for several years now; we first saw them in 2013, when their original machine explored the basics of chocolate printing technology. They were even able to print our logo in tasty chocolate: 

Now they’ve announced a new version, the Choc Creator 2.0 Plus, an improved version of the increasingly usable chocolate printer. Enhancements have been made in several areas: 

The syringe assembly has been made more reliable by providing even heating over the syringe. Previously, some blockage could occur in some circumstances. The new nozzle is easily removable for cleaning after a print session. 

The build area is somewhat larger, now 180 x 180mm. We say “area” instead of volume, because chocolate printing has a significant barrier yet to overcome: Z-heights are limited by the structural strength of chocolate, which isn’t much. Items taller than around 20mm are subject to slumping. The CC2.0 Plus has a limit of 50mm in the Z-height, but we suspect few users would ever get that high unless printing a very wide object, which would permit the chocolate to cool as printing proceeds. 

The CC2.0 Plus’s syringe contains 30ml of chocolate volume, sufficient for up to fifteen hours of printing. However, we expect most prints will be much faster as they will tend to be 2D or slightly more than 2D in height. 

Print accuracy has been increased, with layers as small as 0.4mm of chocolate now possible. 

The CC2.0 Plus now includes a beautiful color LCD touch screen, joining the many other 3D printers that employ this now de-facto standard feature. 

Finally, the machine’s case has a stylistic improvement: it now sports a sleek, sophisticated look that would fit into any modern kitchen. 

The new machine is currently being marketed to early bird buyers for as low as £1,665 (USD$2,600) but the price will rise to the proper retail price of £2,380 (USD$3,700) when released to the public in volume quantities. This price is somewhat higher than many plastic 3D printers, but there are few commercial chocolate 3D printers to choose from, and perhaps none with as much engineering experience and development as the Choc Creator 2.0 Plus. 

Via Choc Edge

By Kerry Stevenson

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