Shapeways Gets More Cash. Lots More Cash

By on July 5th, 2015 in Corporate, Service

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3D print service Shapeways has completed another round of investment, this time totaling USD$30M. 

Shapeways has focused on the consumer and prosumer markets thus far, and has been quite successful, often being the first 3D service on the lips of many users. They’ve expanded several times and now operate a rather large “factory of the future” in a nondescript Brooklyn industrial warehouse building. 

A couple of years ago the company took a previous USD$30M, with which they built out their Brooklyn operation and hired additional staff to grow their business. 

So can we expect the same here with another USD$30M? Perhaps, but there’s another story unfolding behind the scenes, something that happens in all startup companies: increased valuation. 

What’s not stated is the percentage of the company that’s being purchased for USD$30M. Whatever it is, you can bet it’s a smaller percentage than the previous USD$30M bought. If it’s half the percentage, then the book value of the company has doubled. Depending on the percentage of the investment, it could be even more. For those holding shares in Shapeways, this is likely a very profitable move indeed, whether the company needs the money for operations or not. 

Regardless, they do have USD$30M and they will use it to keep things competitive in the world of 3D print services. 

Via Techcrunch

By Kerry Stevenson

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