Should You Purchase a 3D Printer From A Reseller?

By on August 24th, 2015 in Ideas

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There are multiple ways to purchase a 3D printer these days, and often at low cost. One way is to use a reseller, particularly for unusual makes and models. 

Most often people buy their machines directly from the manufacturer by hitting their online web store. But this process is often tricky for the customer, as they are shown only models from that manufacturer and proper comparison is often difficult. Investigating other options requires identifying and tediously going through numerous other manufacturer sites to find purchase options. 

Another problem occurs when you’re looking at equipment from overseas vendors, whose sites are sometimes tricky to navigate – or even understand if they are in a language you don’t read! 

There is a solution for these issues, and it’s called resellers. 

We’re looking specifically at 3D Printers Online Store, a service that typifies this approach. Here we have a company that has made arrangements with numerous resellers to procure their products and present them for sale to you in a uniform and comparable manner. There may even be discounts over the manufacturer’s direct price as resellers can qualify for discounts depending on the volume of machinery they ship. 

Resellers can also insulate you from confusing payment programs. A manufacturer could provide easy ways to pay – or not. Meanwhile a reseller can (and should) provide the easiest methods of payment for all buyers.

In the case of 3D Printers Online Store, they’re able to sell you models from no less than TWENTY different 3D printer manufacturers, some you may have heard of, and some you probably haven’t. 

This is an excellent way to gain access to lower-cost foreign manufacturers that would otherwise be difficult to find. These machines are often good quality, but extremely low-priced as compared to the more widely-known machines. For example, shown at top is a Geeetech ME Creator 3D Printer, offering a single extruder, heated metal bed and 150 x 150 x 150mm build volume for only USD$399 at the time of this writing. This unit is already fully assembled, ready to print. And that includes FREE shipping! 

If you’re seeking a lower cost unit, or one that is from a lesser-known vendor, we recommend checking out a reseller such as 3D Printers Online Store. 

Via 3D Printers Online Store

By Kerry Stevenson

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