Sorkin Joins Formlabs, Leaves iGo3D and Much More

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Michael Sorkin, one of the founders of the European-based iGo3D retail 3D print chain, has joined Formlabs. What does this mean? 

We first encountered Sorkin at Euromold 2014, where he enthusiastically explained the inner workings and purpose of iGo3D, his startup 3D print retail chain. We expected big things from Sorkin, and evidently that was the case as iGo3D continues to grow strongly across central and eastern Europe. 

Now he’s leaving all that, but not really. 

He’s been hired by USA-based Formlabs, makers of the popular Form 1+ resin 3D printer to help grow the Formlabs brand in Europe. 

We asked Sorkin why he would leave the highly successful iGo3D at this time for utterly new challenges with Formlabs. He explained that he’s a startup guy at heart. He thrives on launching companies and brands, something he did quite well at iGo3D. 

But there’s your answer: iGo3D has been launched and is transitioning from “startup mode” to “real company mode”. Sorkin wanted to stay close to his skill set in building new things, and the opportunity presented by Formlabs fit his needs well, as Formlabs has much to do in growing their brand in Europe. Sorkin said he was also quite intrigued by the different viewpoints of the people at Formlabs, who he described as more technical than he’s used to. After three months of consideration, he decided to take them up on their offer. 

Some people just like doing new things, and it appears Sorkin is one of them. 

But wait, what happens to iGo3D? It turns out that iGo3D was started by essentially two people, Sorkin and Tobias Redlin. By mutual agreement, Redlin becomes the single “face” of iGo3D and will run the company on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Sorkin does retain his interest in iGo3D, so it’s not like he’s actually leaving. He’s just not there every day.

That’s not all that’s changing. While iGo3D’s head office is in Hannover, Germany, Formlab’s European HQ is in Berlin. Thus, Sorkin is packing his bags for a permanent move to Berlin. 

Oh, and he’s also just gotten married to his long-time partner, and they’re currently honeymooning in Borneo. You must admire someone that starts and leaves a company, switches jobs, moves his home to a new city and gets married all at the same time. 

Best wishes to Michael in his new role!

Via iGo3D and Formlabs

By Kerry Stevenson

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