STL Hive’s 3D Models Focus on RC, Robotics

By on August 4th, 2015 in models

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A small startup called STL Hive hopes to become the hub for 3D models for “students, hobbyists and inventors”. But we found a lot of RC and Robotics models. 

The site is one of an increasing number of online services offering selections of 3D models for download and printing. Most of these sites realize it’s near impossible to catch up to Thingiverse and a few of the other large printable 3D model repositories, as they have literally tens of thousands of 3D models. 

The key to compete is to focus on a specific area to attract a particular niche clientele. In this case, STL Hive has chosen to focus on “students, hobbyists and inventors”. But what does that mean as far as 3D models go? It turns out they have a good quantity of RC (remote control) and Robotics 3D models. We are quite impressed with their comprehensive and varied set of wheels, for example. Other repositories might have more 3D wheel models, but you’d have a hard time locating them if they’re mixed in with other models. That’s not the case at STL Hive. 

While some downloads are marked “free”, others are priced at a reasonable price. Most of the wheel 3D models, for example, are priced at USD$4.75. 

Another interesting feature of the service is the ability to request a model. 

As all 3D model repositories must do, STL Hive has a relatively small collection at this point. However, their focus on specific niches may mean they have a way to survive and compete against the numerous other 3D model repositories that have recently emerged. 

Via STL Hive 

By Kerry Stevenson

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