Afinia’s New ES360 Desktop 3D Scanner

By on September 6th, 2015 in Hardware

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Afinia announced the ES360 3D Scanner that offers a unique two-way scanning technique. 

The scanner is based on the structured light process, which beams standard white light patterns on an object. As the patterns move across the object’s surface, the variations in appearance are interpreted by software into a 3D model. The ES360 uses plain white light instead of lasers so it’s entirely eye-safe.

The ES360 offers two modes of operation. 

The “automatic” mode involves use of two elements: the scanner and a turntable. Subjects are placed on the turntable with the scanner element facing it. The turntable slowly rotates the object to ensure the structured light patterns hit all surfaces.  Afinia says automatic mode can handle objects up to 215 x 215 x 200mm, or about the size of the turntable’s platform. 

The “free scan” mode is different. We presume it involves manually moving the scanner around a stationary subject. This mode permits scanning of much larger objects, up to 700 x 700 x 700mm. While you might have a lot of trouble scanning a person using automatic mode (especially getting their head on the turntable), you should be able to do so easily in free scan mode. 

Both modes offer resolutions that can be less than 0.1mm, which is quite good. Scanning is said to be relatively quick, with a single rotation of the turntable in only three minutes. We expect free scan mode to take longer as manual movements are less predictable. 

Here we can see a scan captured by the ES360. Looks good! 

Afinia’s software will convert the scan into a fully printable 3D model automatically.

Available this fall, the ES360 will sell for USD$1,099. 

Via Afinia

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