MakePrintable Developing Cloud-Based 3D Model Repair Service

By on September 6th, 2015 in Service

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A new cloud-based 3D model repair service, MakePrintable is in the works, and it may become quite popular based on its functionality and extensibility. 

MakePrintable, made by Mixed Dimension Inc, MXD3D, works in a very straightforward manner: after registering your account, you simply drag a broken 3D model into a panel and specify a few simple parameters. The cloud service then works on repairing your 3D model with a variety of processes. 

MakePrintable is an 18-person startup from the Alchemist Accelerator that launched in 2013. They noted in the 3D space today there are many issues related to content – and non-printable 3D content. If you look at the entire base of 3D models, there are vast numbers readily available, but virtually all of them are not printable as they were designed for visual use, not solid use.  

One of the goals of MakePrintable is to dynamically make as many of the visual models printable as possible though advanced repair techniques. 

Imagine suddenly being able to 3D print virtually any 3D model, regardless of whether it was designed for printing! Huge quantities of game content would then be, theoretically, printable. 

MakePrintable will have two main revenue strategies: 

  1. Free use for individuals, with options for premium features, such as faster processing time, ability to use textures, etc. 
  2. Business licensing.

MakePrintable offers a variety of interesting features beyond just 3D model repairs, including: transparency detection, automatic hollowing, optimum placement of escape holes for powder/resin printers and the ability to accept more than 25 different input file formats. 

They also provide a way to secure your 3D model in case your business has security concerns. 

They’ve also developed an API that can be used to access their service from any application. This, we feel, is quite important. Imagine an innovative 3D printer manufacturer that incorporated their repair service directly into the printer, for example. Combined with a slicing program, this would enable push-button access to virtually any 3D content for printing. It also sounds like MakePrintable might be working on that, too. The API could also be used by traditional non-printable 3D model repository services as a way to open up their content to more users. 

We understand that MakePrintable has several companies now licensed to use their service, although we’re not sure who or exactly what they intend to do with it. 

The API also provides an ability for 3D modeling software to access competent repair services directly from inside the application. Currently MakePrintable has plug-ins available for SketchUp, DAZ 3D, Poser and Blender, but it’s their intention to provide another one each month to total ten plug-ins by the end of this year. 

As of now MakePrintable is in closed beta testing, but they’re expecting to open the beta up to the public very soon. 

We’re currently testing MakePrintable and will provide a report on how well it works soon. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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