WEISTEK Launches World’s Fastest Desktop 3D Printer

By on September 10th, 2015 in printer

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China-based WEISTEK has launched what they call the world’s fastest desktop 3D printer; They may be right. 

The new IdeaWerk “Speed” can 3D print objects using plastic extrusion at a breakneck 450mm/second, as compared to less than 100mm/second for most desktop units. 

How have they managed to get this tiny 3D printer to run so fast? They’ve used the same approach as several other 3D printer manufacturers: strike a deal with CreateItReal to include their real time processing board in the machine. We first reported this deal earlier this year, but now we know a lot more about the collaboration.

We’ve seen a couple of 3D printers incorporate this incredible control board, which is specifically designed for 3D printing. It is able to very rapidly calculate printer movements and drive the mechanics reliably at very high speeds. 

WEISTEK VP of Sales and Marketing Ken Kwok explains in our exclusive video: 

Kwok also explained that the IdeaWerk Speed is essentially the same as the original IdeaWerk 3D printer, with the exception being that some of the mechanics were adjusted to handle the high speed movements required to print at 450mm/second. 

Here is WEISTEK’s official video showing the machine: 

One point must be made very clear: Many 3D printers can be set to run at extreme speeds, but they cannot print quality objects reliably. This machine is different; prints made at 450mm/second are the same as you would obtain from other machines at slower speeds. That’s what the CreateItReal board does. 

WEISTEK also devised a special PLA material that can be used in the IdeaWerk Speed: high speed filament. The new material has “more mobility and prints more smoothly”, according to Kwok. We believe regular PLA will also work in the machine, although results of speedy prints may not be quite as high quality. 

The result of this work is an inexpensive desktop 3D printer that can print incredibly fast. 

The machine has a reasonable build volume of 150 x 150 x 140mm and includes a heated print surface, meaning you’ll be able to print not only PLA, but also ABS, HIPS and specialty filaments as well. 

The speed is ridiculous. At 450mm/second, you can print this standard bracelet 3D model in only eight minutes! Normally this could take up to 40 minutes on slower 3D printers. 

We’ve seen samples up close and they are of the finest quality. Here you can see a closeup of the bracelet, and it’s a very smooth print, even produced at such high speeds. 

We asked about the Dynamo 3D, another 3D printer that makes use of the CreateItReal board, suggesting that WEISTEK isn’t the only fast printer around. Kwok explained that the Dynamo3D machine is in a very different market, as its size, price and features are quite different from the market addressed by the IdeaWerk Speed. Thus, we can say that the IdeaWerk Speed is the fastest “low-cost” 3D printer you can easily acquire. 

Or you will soon, as it is not actually available until October. 

How low is the cost? For this fully assembled, rocket-ship 3D printer, you will pay only USD$1,299. Incredible. 

WEISTEK expects to have a large number of dealers interested in reselling the unit, as it will sport a distributor price of only USD$799. Wow! 


By Kerry Stevenson

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