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By on September 27th, 2015 in Hardware

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3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has released no less than three new toolheads for their device. 

The ZMorph 2.0S, which we’re now hesitant to call a 3D printer due to its flexibility, is now able to accept three new optional toolheads: a CNC mill, a paste extruder and an interesting color mixing unit. 

We must note, however, that the ZMorph did previously offer CNC Milling and Paste extrusion as optional heads. What’s different with the newly announced products is that these two are significantly improved. 

The previous CNC milling option involved installation of a separately-purchased Dremel hand unit. The new CNC Mill head includes its own motor and is more powerful than the Dremel option. This will enable you to “cut, engrave and mill wood, plastics and other materials”.

The new Paste Extruder is designed for ease of use. Here’s how they describe it: 

For those that are craving for good quality prints made with various mixes of foods, whether it’s chocolate, cake, cream topping, or avocado paste – this is the way to go ! FOOD printin was never that easy – with easyCLEAN system, all you need to do to swap contents of your extruder is to replace the whole syringe – and you’re ready to go again.

Finally, of most interest to us is the new “Mono head two material color-blending extruder”. That’s a mouthful, but it is a step towards color printing. Basically, the single extruder accepts two input plastic filaments and is able to mix them on the fly in the hot end. This enables several different usage scenarios: 

  • Print in two different colors in a single print job as if you have two extruders; The “other” color is simply purged out before printing in the “new” color. 
  • Print in two different plastic materials in the same manner.
  • Print in a mix of two colors at a specific ratio (e.g. 33% green and 67% red).
  • Transition between two colors gradually during a print.

This feature is definitely not “full color printing”, but it does offer some function people may make good use of. 

Today you can pre-order the tools if you happen to have a ZMorph 3D Printer, but pricing has not been published. 

Via ZMorph

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