Big Changes Afoot For 3D Printing Trade Shows

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A big player will make its mark on the world of 3D printing this year: Tarsus announces Additive Manufacturing Shows.

But there’s a bit of a story to tell here. Readers may be familiar with 3D Printshow, an excellent event that’s taken place in multiple locations since 2012. We’ve attended many of them and had incredible experiences meeting with industry participants of all sorts. 

Last year the 3D Printshow organization was acquired by Tarsus, a major worldwide player in the trade show business. How big are they? Well, let’s just say that they put on over 90 (NINETY!) different industrial trade shows across the globe each year. Some of these events have a huge number of participants, literally tens of thousands of people. 

Now they’ve been working with 3D Printshow staff to develop what they’re calling “Additive Manufacturing Shows”, a new chain of trade shows focused on 3D printing for industry. 

At first, they’ll have two large events: Additive Manufacturing Europe (Amsterdam) and Additive Manufacturing Americas (California), which should gather a lot of attention. We suspect these events will include hundreds of exhibitors in the 3D print field, including product manufacturers, services, software, supplies and much more. 

It’s a good time to do this, too, as there has been difficulties with existing 3D print trade shows. Euromold, once the leader in prototyping (and an event we attended several times) seemed to shrink significantly in 2014, and abruptly relocated their show from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf. 

The folks running the convention facility in Frankfurt were left without a big show, so they decided to make their own: FormNext. But then vendors were faced with a decision: should they go to the relocated Euromold or the new FormNext? After the smoke cleared, it appears that vendors split with both shows smaller than the former Euromold. 

Into this situation we now see Additive Manufacturing Shows appear, which hopes to pick up the pieces and become the new focus for industrial 3D printing exhibitors. 

We’re planning on attending both shows. Perhaps you should, too? 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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