BigRep Refines Their Onlines And Becomes A Bigger Player

By on November 5th, 2015 in Corporate, materials

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Berlin-based BigRep stepped up their retail game by opening up a full service online shop. 

We’ve been fascinated with BigRep since we first saw them in 2014, where they were a small startup with a great idea: build a massive plastic extrusion 3D printer to compete with the big guys at a much lower price point. 

Since then, the company has gradually been enhancing their operations, fueled by sales of the massive BigRep One, which can literally print up to a cubic meter in size. They’ve expanded their presence across continents, improved their product and now they’re opening up an online store for clients. 

The store includes a way to receive a quote on a BigRep One. You can’t actually buy one online, as the price is higher than most organizations would care to pay online: USD$39,000 at our last look. While this price may seem high, it’s actually quite a bit less than competitive units in the same performance range. This method alone will certainly provide a way for BigRep to gain a lot more clients.

Also found in the new store are spare parts, essential for any 3D printer, and again this makes the job much easier for those requiring them. 

What we find quite interesting is their selection of plastic filament to fuel the BigRep One. They’re sold in huge 2.3kg (5 lb) spools, much larger than the more typical 1kg or 750g spools found elsewhere. This 1.75mm PLA filament is sold in some cool colors, too, at least by their “True Berlin” names:

  • MAUER GRAU (Gray)
  • ROTES RATHAUS (Red-Orange)
  • WANNSEE BLAU (Light Blue)

Even if you’re not a BigRep client, you can certainly order huge spools in any of these cool colors. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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