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By on November 28th, 2015 in printer

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As we approach holiday season, many retailers announce big sales on products. It turns out that 3D Systems is no different, announcing a number of deals available for the next several weeks. 

3D Systems is one of the two largest 3D printing companies in the world today, and their product line covers both small consumer machines and some of the largest 3D printing machines available today. Competition in all segments of the 3D printing market are heating up, with new entrants offering options that could be considered by customers. 3D Systems could be reacting to those challenges with their new promotion. Regardless of why 3D Systems issued the promotions, any one of their three offers could fit your business quite well. 

The first option is for the purchase of their powerful ProJet 3500 HDMax, a MultiJet-based 3D printer capable of producing highly accurate parts in a variety of plastic materials. The offer is to include the ProJet Finisher and a starter kit of materials, which would normally be separately purchased. There’s a special promo code that must be used by December 4, and the items will “Ship Immediately”. 

The second offer is to accept a trade-in for your existing 3D printer against purchase of a new 3D Systems unit. There are some restrictions: it’s only for purchasing ProJet models 3500 HDMax, 3500 CPXMax, 660Pro, 6000 HD and 7000, all very capable industrial 3D printers. The trade-ins accepted are Stratasys (any Dimension, Objet, Connex, Fortus and Solidscape machines), and all EnvisionTEC machines. 

3D Systems is apparently not accepting EOS machines in this offer, but we feel that the EOS technology is a bit different and that the machines they will accept trades on produce objects in the same style of materials. 

3D Systems is offering trade-in allowances of up to USD$30,000, depending on the machine. This may or may not be a good deal, depending on your machine. Newer equipment may already carry a resale price exceeding USD$30,000, so if you’re wanting a ProJet, you might want to sell your newer machine on the open market instead of doing a trade-in. 

Their final offer is for owners of older 3D Systems SLA equipment, in which you can “trade up” to current technology. The older machines include: Viper, SLA 5000, SLA 7000, ViperPro and iPro. You can upgrade to any of: ProJet 6000, 7000, ProX 800 and ProX 950, getting a credit of up to USD$45,000 based on your trade-in. 

Again, all of these promotions are available only until December 4th. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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