FLEKS3D’s Back With More Print Plate Options

By on November 8th, 2015 in Hardware

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FLEKS3D launched an innovative 3D printer plate system last year, and now they’re back with more products and options. 

What do we mean by “print plate system”? The problem solved by FLEKS3D here is that of ensuring the print sticks to the print surface during printing for 3D printers without heated print beds. Many 3D printer operators use blue tape or other methods of sticking prints down, but there are issues with them, including: poor sticking, laborious installation and the need to continually buy consumables. And there’s one more reason: safety. Prints sometimes “over stick” and require heavy action with a sharp scraper to remove them from the bed. That raises the risk of injury when the scraper removes part of your finger instead of the part on the printer. 

Enter printing plates, which simply sit on your normal print surface, but provide automatic sticking. They’re composed of a chemical mix that provides just the right amount of adhesion when exposed to typical 3D print materials such as ABS, PLA and other plastics. FLEKS3D’s plates also have a slight bit of texture to their surface, which aids in adhesion. These plates also work well with heated print surfaces, too. 

Even better, to remove the print, simply lift off the print plate and twist. Your print will pop out like an ice cube tray from the freezer. 

FLEKS3D’s system involves a couple of variations. They offer the “FLEKS3D Simple”, which is a basic plate that covers your normal print surface, and is attached with clips. You must remove the clips and re-install each time you unload a completed print. However, this is the least expensive plate option from FLEKS3D, priced at only USD$15 for their launch. It’s similar to the price of a couple of rolls of less effective blue tape! 

They also offer a more easy-to-use solution, which involves a semi-permanent frame attached to your print surface. This frame enables you to simply drop a FLEKS3D plate; it’s held from moving by the sides of the frame. Using this approach, you can very rapidly change prints by just lifting out the FLEKS3D plate – no need for clips. If you have more than one plate (which FLEKS3D includes in their kits), just drop in another one and start printing even before you’re removed the first print from the FLEKS3D plate! 

After shipping some 400 plates worldwide with their first incarnation, FLEKS3D’s new offering includes new pricing and pre-cut plates for more types of popular 3D printers, including circular delta style plates and FlashForge equipment. 

Via FLEKS3D and Kickstarter

By Kerry Stevenson

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