The Stratasys Fortus 250mc

By on December 2nd, 2015 in printer

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If you are considering an industrial 3D printer for a lab, business or classroom the Fortus 250mc may be the right choice for you. 

It is the least expensive 3D printer in the Fortus series.

The build volume is big enough to fabricate models for the explicit intent of visualization, and the ABSplus material is strong enough to 3D print working components as well as finished products in a wide variety of colors.

Once you get the hang of changing the color cartridges, you can easily control the build parameters using Stratasys Insight software. 3D printing in thermoplastics eliminates the need to deal with powder sorting, as with other methods of 3D printing. Further, the Fortus 250mc doesn’t require any special ventilation to prevent exposure to noxious vapors, fumes or waste.

Building physical objects from digital files happens with ABSplus thermoplastic, layer-by-layer, using Stratasys’ proprietary FDM 3D printing. The catch? Well, there’s only one material, though of all the possible materials, ABSplus is versatile enough to print one-offs, prototypes and production grade parts. Plus you can print moving parts in one shot. Like other printers in the Fortus series, you will have to remove support material when printing a model that has an intricate figure or complex structural topology.

Nikki Kaufman had a problem with her earphones. She could never find a pair that fit comfortably without falling out, unless it also felt like some tiny fist was being jammed in her ear. Shocked that there were no inexpensive options for customized earphones, she began to research the process. After finding that there were no alternatives to an expensive and lengthy process, she began to put together a business plan centered on producing fully customized headphones by taking advantage of 3D printing.

After a lot of planning and budget oriented decision-making, Kaufman chose the Fortus 250mc 3D printers to be the foundation of her new business called Normal. Part of the reason is that the Fortus 250mc is very easy to use and it requires minimal maintenance. Thanks to not needing ventilation, Kaufman found she could forego the cost of a specialized location by selecting the Fortus 250mc.


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