A Visual Ultimaker Troubleshooting Guide

By on January 27th, 2016 in learning

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Have an Ultimaker? Have problems printing? There’s a guide for that. 

In fact the “Visual Ultimaker Troubleshooting Guide” is of use to those who don’t use Ultimaker equipment, too, as it describes a series of frequently encountered issues and corresponding solutions. Many of the issues presented are generic in nature and analogous solutions would be suitable on non-Ultimaker equipment. 

But for those with Ultimakers in their workshop, this is a good place to start troubleshooting. Each issue is detailed with images and description, allowing you to compare your hopelessly bad print failure with known issues. 

Here we see the image for “pillowing” a phenomenon seen by most 3D printer operators that occurs when plastic isn’t cooled properly or insufficient top layers were requested. Once a problem is understood, the solutions are usually clear. 

The guide details twenty-three problems in total. 

This guide is produce by 3DVerkstan, a Sweden-based 3D print reseller, offering a variety of 3D printers (including Ultimakers, obviously), supplies and accessories. Don’t worry, the guide is in english!

Between 3DVerkstan’s guide and the Simplify3D version we found a few weeks ago, you should be in good shape to diagnose almost any 3D print quality issue you encounter. 

Further to this, it’s very instructive to read through such guides, even if you don’t actually encounter the problems listed. By reading and understanding them, you will learn much about the nature of 3D print quality and become far better at configuring your print jobs. Learn and improve!

Via 3DVerkstan

By Kerry Stevenson

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