Airwolf 3D’s New AXIOM 2 Desktop 3D Printer

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Airwolf 3D has improved their product line with the release of the AXIOM 2.

The previous AXIOM was certainly a very capable and popular machine, but the AXIOM 2 goes even further. 

The main and most visible difference in the AXIOM 2 is the second extruders, which now permits the machine to print soluble support material alongside regular materials. This is very important as it means the AXIOM 2 can print complex geometries that would otherwise be very challenging. Consider the example of a complex shape with internal structures that require support. While you could print such an object on a single-extruder machine, you would have much trouble removing the embedded support structure. Now the AXIOM 2 can print with soluble support that can be dissolved away without regard to geometry. 

The AXIOM 2 also includes the key features of the previous single-extruder AXIOM, such as automatic bed leveling, easy filament loading and a very strong, fully enclosed structure. Both machines offer the ability to print in 0.04mm layers, which is extremely fine. 

One difference between the two is the build volume. The single extruder AXIOM’s build volume is 318 x 203 x 241mm, while the AXIOM 2 is slightly smaller at 305 x 203 x 241mm. The reason for this slight decrease on the X-axis is simply because the dual extruders cannot span the entire width as they are fixed in place on the motion system. In other words, when the carriage is at the extreme left side, the right extruder is positioned 13mm away from the left edge. This is an effect common to all multi-extruder machines. 

The single version of the AXIOM is priced at USD$3,995, while the dual version is set at USD$4,995. These prices are somewhat higher than you’d see on some other desktop units, but the AXIOM is a machine designed for professional use and provides features, quality and capabilities for that market. 

If you’re looking for a professional-style desktop 3D printer with dual extrusion abilities, you should consider the AXIOM 2. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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