Kwambio Launches (Again?)

By on January 27th, 2016 in Service

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We received a note from Kwambio who apparently have launched a new 3D model/print service.

We first encountered Kwambio last year, where they first exhibited some of their capabilities. It seemed a bit confusing at the time, but now the company seems to have a very clear focus on a business model that could work well. 

Kwambio is a customized 3D model and print service combined. They present a number of interesting 3D model options, each of which can be purchased for printing, with the buyer able to select from several material options, such as ceramic, plastic or more. That’s not a unique business model, but the site does offer several interesting 3D models we haven’t seen elsewhere. Kwambio likely has obtained exclusive marketing rights from some designers. 

What’s more interesting is the alternative services offered by Kwambio. Here’s a selection of things they can do for you:

  • They offer custom CAD design services, priced “From USD$500”, to create something truly unique. As you might imagine, Kwambio can produce the prints as well. 
  • Kwambio can, after developing or receiving a unique 3D model, can offer it for sale – on demand – at their site. For example, a company might create a popular promotional 3D object, which their clients could purchase a print on their site. 
  • An API is also available for other websites to embed, permitting presentation and purchase options for a selected 3D model.
  • Kwambio also provides an ability for 3D designers to market their designs on the site for print purchases. Kwambio says designers will retain the rights to the 3D models and receive a “healthy” percentage of each sale. 

Kwambio seems to be offering a near-full suite of 3D print-related services, making it a kind of one-stop shop for customized objects. 

However, they do face considerable competition in this area, particularly from the large, establish firms such as Shapeways, Sculpteo and i.Materialise. However, those sites do not offer 3D design services, which Kwambio apparently does. Kwambio’s success will depend on their ability to attract designers and clients. 

As of this writing, they appear to offer only fourteen unique 3D models from around seven designers. However, they do list some eighteen designers on their “upcoming” page, so it’s quite probable we will soon see an explosion of interesting designs on their site very soon. 

Via Kwambio

By Kerry Stevenson

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