The iPad Pro Attracts a 3D Modeling System: Shapr3D

By on January 4th, 2016 in Software

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We’ve seen the appearance of a couple of finger-based iPad applications, but now there’s one specifically designed for the iPad Pro and its Apple Pencil.

We don’t know much about this semi-mysterious product, as their website doesn’t reveal much. However, there are a number of videos showing strong hints of how the system operates. You’ll have to watch one to understand how simple the interface seems to be. Here’s one of their videos: 

If you feel like we do after watching this video, it seems that using Shapr3D would be very much like conventional drawing, except in 3D; the Apple Pencil adds even more to that paradigm. 

The application can also work without the Apple Pencil, as seen in this video: 

It seems that the precision of the Apple Pencil, however, may make this product a winner: it seems easier to do many common tasks that in other systems would take more effort to accomplish. 

But – and this is always the catch – the truth will be told when real users get their hands on this product and test out an entire workflow. Just because some things are easier doesn’t mean your whole workflow will be better. It could be, but we just don’t know yet. 

We also don’t know when Shapr3D will be released, although their website says: “Arriving in late 2015, for the iPad Pro”, and we don’t know how much they will charge for the product. 

The competition among web and tablet-based 3D modeling systems is increasing, now with several good options. You must have a very good product with significant advances in order to compete, and that might be the case with Shapr3D. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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