3DPrintClean Introduces An Affordable Filtration Enclosure

By on February 28th, 2016 in Hardware

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3DPrintClean has been producing professional filtration solutions for a while now, but they’ve just launched a new low-cost version. 

Their previous products were well-received and provided quite a bit of added value for 3D printer operators, including not only filtration, but also bright illumination, sound insulation and even some safety features. 

Prices for the original products ranged from USD$700 to USD$800, however, making the capability out of range for many 3D printer operators, particularly those with lower-cost units that would most benefit from the enclosure. 

The new product is quite different from the previous versions, in that it is essentially a sophisticated “tent” that’s placed over your 3D printer. It is made from a lightweight frame over which is draped an insulated fabric. Three sides include transparent windows through which operations can be observed. The front, top and sides can unzip to provide access to the device inside, for maintenance or swapping materials. In fact, it can be assembled – or disassembled – in only ten minutes. 

The fabric enclosure is controlled by a filtration unit pasted on the left side. This powered unit pushes internal air through a very fine particulate filter to remove undesirable nanoparticles. This chart illustrates the effectiveness of the filter:

One interesting feature that may be applicable to some is “blackout curtains” that can lowered on the transparent windows to prevent any light from emerging. I presume this would be useful for those operating a 3D printer in their bedroom, which is probably not the greatest idea anyway. 

A very useful side effect of the enclosure is that it captures radiated heat from the 3D printer itself, raising the ambient temperature within the enclosure and consequently increasing print reliability. The filtration unit can be programmed with a maximum temperature to ensure things don’t get too hot. 

The filtration unit requires filter replacement every three months, assuming normal 3D printer operation. They’ll be available for purchase on 3DPrintClean’s website. 

The company is hoping to add some even more useful accessories to the unit in the future, including: 

  • Heater – to provide increased and consistent ambient heat within the print volume
  • Thermal Cutoff – to ensure heat doesn’t exceed set levels, beyond the current capabilities
  • Spool holder – to hold spools of plastic within the enclosure
  • LED lighting – of course!
  • Automated fire suppression – to cut power and possibly even extinguish flames if excess temperatures are detected

That last feature is something I’d like to see on every 3D printer. 

The new enclosure comes in two sizes: 600mm cube and 800mm cube, priced at USD$399 and USD$449 respectively, and you can order on Kickstarter until March 28th.

Via Kickstarter

By Kerry Stevenson

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