Another Mini 3D Printer Option: The B-Creative 3D Printer

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A new crowdfunding campaign has launched another small-sized 3D printer for you to consider. 

The B-Creative meets the basic requirements of a small format desktop 3D printer: moderate to small build volume and relatively low cost. It’s build volume is somewhat on the high side for a mini 3D printer at 160 x 180 x 160mm. And for cost, the unit can be ordered at only USD$599. 

But the B-Creative seems to have a few more interesting features beyond just the basics. 

This unit includes a color touch screen, conveniently located at the top of the machine, unlike some other screens where you almost have to bend over to use them. 

Print resolution is excellent, as the company claims the ability to print in 0.05mm layers, which is better than the de facto standard of 0.10mm layers on most mini 3D printers. However, prints at that resolution typically take forever to complete, so the B-Creative can also print in layers up to 0.40mm for speed. 

An interesting feature is remote control via WiFi, which is included on each B-Creative. They’ve developed a custom app from which the machine can be operated remotely. However, as there is no camera on board the machine, you likely won’t be too far away when using the app. However, it’s still a small bonus: you won’t have to get up from your chair as much. 

The B-Creative seems to use only PLA and PLA composite filaments (and TPU), as it does not include a heated print surface. Curiously, the hot end does go up to 250C, far higher than required for PLA printing. In their video, the “bed temperature” setting is frequently seen as well. Perhaps this suggests they’re thinking of ABS plastic capability in the future with an optional heated bed? 

A feature we quite like is their software’s ability to take large 3D models that would not otherwise fit into the print volume and automatically chop them up into pieces for separate printing. 

The industrial design of the B-Creative is quite attractive, although its style is strangely reminiscent of the now defunct Cube 3 from 3D Systems. 

One casualty of the design is the spool; the standard spool mount seems to be able to accept only tiny spools of 500g with dimensions that fit into the mount opening. The good news, though, is that you can easily place a larger spool outside the opening, implying that their spool cartridges are not required for use, unlike the Cube 3. 

Currently you can pre-order a B-Creative from their Kickstarter page, and it appears the machine is proving popular. This is something we would watch carefully: if the project receives few orders, they may not succeed. Conversely, if they receive a huge number of orders, they may also not succeed as it is often very challenging for startups to organize mass manufacturing processes. But for now, things look promising. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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