CoLiDo’s Surprisingly Diverse Line Of 3D Printers

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Recently we managed to get a close look at 3D printers made by CoLiDo; they seem to cover all the bases. 

The strangely-capitalized CoLiDo is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Print-Rite, a thirty-year old major operation specializing in after-market printing equipment and supplies. One of their interests is 3D printing, where their subsidiary develops five styles of machine that address several markets. 

The CoLiDo DIY (shown at top) is the smallest of their line and is, as you might suspect from its name, a do-it-yourself kit, available at the rock-bottom price of only USD$299. It’s certainly a very simple and straightforward device, providing only the basics of 3D printing (e.g. PLA plastic only). But that’s not the point with this device; it’s really for the fun of building a 3D printer – and at low cost, too. 

The CoLiDo Compact is a more capable device, and matches up with the “Mini” versions from other vendors. Priced at USD$499, the Compact has a typical “mini” build volume of 130 x 130 x 130mm, but without a heated build surface, this machine will only ever print PLA materials. One interesting feature is that the case is mostly enclosed, although it’s hard to see due to the clear case material. This means the device might just capture a bit of heat from the extruder and raise the ambient internal temperature a tad, increasing print reliability. 

On to the CoLiDo 2.0+, which is a prosumer-style machine similar to earlier MakerBot Replicators, with it’s wide format 225 x 245 x 140 build volume. This machine adds a heated glass platform, which should enable easy printing of both ABS and PLA plastics. Priced at only USD$1,099, this machine provides a lot of basic value for the price. 

The CoLiDo M2020 has a somewhat larger build volume, but the shape is different: it’s a full cube build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm. Aside from the case and build volume, the specifications seem similar to the open-style 2.0+. CoLiDo portrays this USD$1,449 machine as their flagship prosumer machine, so it apparently does produce higher quality prints, likely due to the mechanical design and componentry. They do have a video on the machine, which doesn’t reveal much more, but it does have some very funky music: 

The CoLiDo X3045 takes their technology to the professional world, as this USD$2,199 unit is designed for industrial use. It includes a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 450mm and is completely enclosed. At the price, it would be an interesting competitor for Stratasys’ far more expensive uPrint machines. 

All machines are termed “odorless”, but we didn’t see any mechanisms to accomplish this, aside from the enclosed cases. Perhaps they’re thinking of installing filtration in the future? 

The clear case design on the lower-end units is apparently done on purpose: they like the idea of users seeing the print take place. We’re over that ourselves, but the clear case makes it incredibly difficult to capture a good image of these machines. 

CoLiDo3D produces their own filaments, as one might expect from a big company-backed 3D printing initiative. These “universal” cartridges are recommended for use in CoLiDo’s machines. 

Aside from the machines currently available, CoLiDo3D indicated they have “8 machines ready to market”, with “at least three to four more coming”. One of them might be a large “mega delta”, of which they’ve produced a working prototype. 

For a company with such a large line of machines, its surprising they are not more well-known. To that end, the company is currently seeking resellers for their gear. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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