3D Systems Finds A New CEO

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As expected, 3D Systems has finally announced Vyomesh Joshi as their new CEO to take the helm after the departure of longtime CEO Avi Reichenthal late last year. 

Reichenthal’s abrupt departure left a void that was filled until now by interim CEO Andrew Johnson, who will remain as their Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. 

Josh is a very interesting selection, as his skills, experience and especially his previous role tell us much about where 3D Systems might be headed. 

Typically a board of directors selects a CEO they feel best able to execute their intended strategy. If a creative type is selected, then expect new products; if an supply chain expert is selected, expect increases in product manufacturing, and so on. 

So what kind of person is Joshi?

Vyomesh Joshi, now 62, worked for HP between 1980 and 2012, most recently as EVP of their Imaging and Printing Group. Apparently Josh retired in 2012 when HP amalgamated their printing and PC divisions, and it’s not clear what he’s been doing in the four years since then, other than serving on the boards of various multinational corporations. 

At HP, Joshi took on numerous roles in his 32-year stint, managing not only inkjet printers, but also imaging products, plotters and much more. It’s clear that Joshi is capable of managing the development and production of a wide variety of technology products, particularly for consumers. Ironically, 3D Systems shut down their consumer division last fall, to focus solely on professional and industrial markets. 

This appointment is interesting in that HP is expected to release a powerful 3D printer to compete in the very same markets as 3D Systems sometime this year, or perhaps next year. 

However, Joshi is unlikely to carry any inside information, as he’s been away from HP for four years. In 2012, the only 3D printing activity from HP was their unsuccessful relabeling of Stratasys’ uPrint machine, and possibly very early research into 3D printing technologies of their own. 

Joshi takes charge of a company in need of tuning. While 3D Systems has a vast array of 3D technologies in their portfolio, largely acquired through an extensive program over the past ten years, fully leveraging these assets has yet to occur. 

The state of the 3D printing market is also challenging from desktop to industrial levels. 3D Systems has already snipped off their consumer division, freeing up some of the company’s resources for application on new ventures as Joshi will devise. 

I’m expecting Joshi to spend at least several months learning about the industry and the company before developing a comprehensive strategy. Until then, we’ll likely see a business-as-usual approach from 3D Systems. 

But later this year, expect changes from 3D Systems. Possibly big changes.

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By Kerry Stevenson

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