Another 3D Printing Management System: 3D Printer ERP

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 3D Printing ERP to launch a new print management service
3D Printing ERP to launch a new print management service

I’ve seen a couple software solutions to the difficult problem of managing a 3D printer farm, and now another launches this week: 3D Printing ERP. 

Desktop 3D printer users may not care about such things, but for those that operate large industrial 3D printers or larger farms of machines on a production basis, the ability to track and manage activities is critical to making money with the equipment. 

There are multiple things to look after in a production operation, and 3D Printing ERP certainly does so. By the way, “ERP” stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a discipline to ensure company resources, like staff and equipment, work in a coordinated and efficient manner). The features of Quebec-based 3D Printing ERP include: 

  • Customer Relationship Management (tracking customers and prospects)
  • Quotes (developing accurate, consistent and profitable job quotes)
  • Orders (tracking incoming requests for prints)
  • Work Orders (dispatching work to print operators)
  • Shipments (handling the collection of parts for shipping)
  • Invoices (sending the bill to clients, internal or external)
  • Inventory (tracking equipment and supplies)
  • Services (defining the specific services being offered)
  • Suppliers (tracking all vendors providing supplies to the operation)
  • P.O. (tracking purchase orders)
  • And more
 3D Printing ERP functional overview
3D Printing ERP functional overview

The system also apparently provides significant operation features, that enable the development and refinement of print jobs, even to the level of downloading full jobs to printers. 

All of this is also available in cloud form, so that you can perform the tasks from any workstation or even mobile devices. 

What’s most interesting about this offer is their pricing, which is likely below some alternatives. They start with a FREE price level, which provides a single user with 1GB of parts storage. However, pricing goes up from there, ranging from USD$55 per month for up to five users to USD$245 per month for up to 25 users. Not that expensive for a serious 3D printing operation. 

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