Totally Unsurprisingly, LulzBot Announces The TAZ 6

By on May 5th, 2016 in printer

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It was just the other week when I described how to watch the TAZ 6 “grow up”, and now it’s been launched. 

LulzBot uses a very transparent development process to produce their open source 3D printers, the latest of which is the TAZ 6 model. LulzBot boastfully describes the TAZ 6 as “Earth’s Highest-Rated Desktop 3D Printer. Evolved”, which it just might be. Previous models, the TAZ 5, 4 and previous have all been very highly rated by users for performance and reliability. The company itself has also been touted for excellent service, too, making the machine a favorite in the market. 

The machine will be placed on sale this coming May 17th, when it will be available over a number of distribution channels, including Amazon and other outlets. 

So what’s new on the TAZ 6, which is truly an “evolution” over the TAZ 5? I can’t really say much because the specs for the machine will not be officially released until the 17th, but I did offer some speculation based on the open source files released earlier. 

There’s also an “almost unboxing” video, where 3D Printing Nerd received an early version for review. Nerd is unable to show or say much about the machine due to information embargo, but he did indicate in YouTube comments that the machine definitely includes auto-bed-leveling and nozzle self-cleaning. We’ll have to wait for the official details later.

The cost for the new machine is USD$2,500. That’s more than some of the inexpensive Asian machines I’ve been looking at, but closer to the cost of Ultimaker’s machines. For a machine of this power and expected reliability, it’s not a bad price.

Stay tuned for more info on the 17th. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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