3D Systems Completes Top-Level Management Changes

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 Freshly minted 3D Systems CFO John McMullen
Freshly minted 3D Systems CFO John McMullen

New 3D Systems CEO Vyomesh Joshi replaced the company’s Chief Financial Officer this week, seemingly completing a management switch out. 

The official release from 3D Systems explained: 

3D Systems announced today that John N. McMullen will join the company as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, effective July 1, 2016. Elected by the Board of Directors and reporting to President & CEO Vyomesh Joshi, McMullen succeeds David Styka in the CFO role. Styka will remain with the company to provide operational and financial support to Management.

The new guy is John McMullen, who takes on the official role of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. McMullen has most recently been CFO’ing at Kodak, but previously spent some 32 years at HP, which just happens to be where Joshi spent the majority of his career. Obviously Joshi has major trust in McMullen and thus has made him part of the 3D Systems team. 

This move complements the earlier and perhaps more significant change of the company’s COO and CMO

But the milestone here is that it appears Joshi now has a completely new top-level management team at the helm of the beleaguered industry giant. 

While many readers may believe the appointment of a CFO is not particularly important, I think it is, because it completes the set of new top-level management. 

The job of the CEO is two-fold: determine and set direction for the corporation, and place capable people into roles to get it done. The CEO’s major task is not to “do” the work; it is to find others to do so. And that’s what’s just happened here. 

Going forward I am now expecting these new 3D Systems leaders to begin to make the changes necessary to re-energize the company, with innovative new products, new marketing and sales approaches, new and effective operational processes and proper financial management to keep it all going. 

Now is the moment to watch 3D Systems for big changes. 

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