A Low-Cost, Open Source Resin 3D Printer: INCUBE3D Start

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 The INCUBE3D Start resin-based 3D printer
The INCUBE3D Start resin-based 3D printer

There’s multiple plastic extrusion 3D printer open source projects, but very few resin-based equivalents. Now there’s one you can try. 

The INCUBE3D Start is produced by Germany-based INPRO FIRST and founder Konstantin Krieger, with a strong open source approach. Their target market is “small and medium enterprises, urban planners, architects, professional modelers, experts for rapid prototyping and makers.”

The INCUBE3D Start is a DLP-based resin 3D print, which, as you might imagine, requires a DLP projector to illuminate the resin to effect printing. They’ve chosen the ACER H6510BD Beamer as their preferred projector, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. I imagine other projectors would be compatible. 

The build volume of the INCUBE3D Start is small, as one expects with high-resolution resin 3D printers: 140 x 80 x 170mm. Upon the 140 x 80mm resin window is projected the 1920 x 1080 pixels. From this they state a resolution of up to 0.05mm. Their Z-axis can move in layers as small as 0.05mm also. 

The INCUBE3D Start is not a physically large device at 380 x 835 x 255mm, so it could easily fit on a desk. 

I said this is a low cost solution and it is, for a resin 3D printer. For €1,499 (USD$1,675) you can obtain all the parts required for assembling your own INCUBE3D Start – and the projector is included! If you happen to have access to your own ACER H6510BD Beamer or alternate suitable projector, you need only order the projector-less kit at €899 (USD$1,000). That’s a pretty good deal for a high resolution 3D printer. 

 A view of the parts included in the INCUBE3D Start 3D printer kit
A view of the parts included in the INCUBE3D Start 3D printer kit

How good are the prints? Well, check out this sample print from the INCUBE3D, of the Eldryn Bio-Drone. Very smooth. 

 A sample print from the INCUBE3D Start 3D printer
A sample print from the INCUBE3D Start 3D printer

There’s one more important thing to note about the INCUBE3D Start: its warranty. INPRO FIRST says: 

On the device, we give 24 months warranty and 6 months on the projector lamp.

Two years warranty is exceptional in the 3D printer market. 

The company also says they’ll provide any updates to the machine as upgrade kits or even the CAD files to build implement the upgrade yourself.

Interested in an inexpensive and powerful resin 3D printer? You might want to check out the INCUBE3D Start

Via INCUBE3D (German)

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