3DPrinterOS Breaks Silence With New Enterprise Capabilities

By on August 2nd, 2016 in Service

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 3DPrinterOS integrated with the SolidEdge CAD system
3DPrinterOS integrated with the SolidEdge CAD system

I haven’t heard much from 3DPrinterOS for a while, but now the reason for this is clear: they’ve been working on powerful integrations. 

3DPrinterOS is a cloud-based system for integration with common 3D printers, which tend to be rather dumb. 3DPrinterOS makes them a lot smarter by hooking them up to a cloud network where all kinds of 3D magic can occur. 

You can manage print jobs from the cloud, and even store them. You can send prints to different nodes in the 3DPrinterOS network, providing authorization permits. 

Evidently 3DPrinterOS spent time examining the workflow typically done by engineers and designers within the enterprise market. They found considerable delays and miscommunications can occur simply because ad-hoc 3D file transfers were frequently required between parties: from designer to designer, designer to print service, etc. These are typically done using email, file shares and other third-party solutions. Each jump creates a possibility of error or delay. 

3DPrinterOS worked with several popular 3D CAD environments for six months to develop integrated solutions. Last week they announced “Native CAD to Web 3D Print integrations with Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, and Onshape design tools”.

The idea is that directly from the CAD system, where the object is created, you can directly submit the work into the 3DPrinterOS cloud. If you have a network of desktop 3D printers attached, you can then immediately route it to whichever machine is appropriate and available. 

That should significantly speed up the workflow in many situations. Engineers and designers developing prototypes will have fewer steps required to get their prints. And in that business, time is money. 

It’s a great idea, and also demonstrates that 3DPrinterOS, like many other 3D print ventures, is shifting focus from hobbyists to a more professional market, one where there is constant demand for practical and financially efficient solutions. 

This is certainly a strategic move for 3DPrinterOS, and I suspect they’re working on additional integrations yet to be announced. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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