3YOURMIND’s Powerful 3D Printing Meta-Service

By on September 20th, 2016 in Service

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 A sample part within 3YOURMIND's system
A sample part within 3YOURMIND’s system

I’m taking a look at 3YOURMIND, a Berlin-based startup that provides simplified ways to access 3D printing services for industrial and professional use. 

The company is attempting to bridge the gap between traditional 3D CAD tools and today’s changing set of 3D print services. Typically one would have to export a file from the CAD tool and upload it to a selected 3D print service for a quotation. 

However, that process is fraught with the possibility of error. The design could be incompatible with 3D printing process or materials, and you might not find out until it’s too late. Also, there is the question of which 3D print service to use? Most services have different methods of pricing, meaning you may pay a lot more by choosing the wrong service for your particular 3D model. 

3YOURMIND solves most of these issues by creating plug-ins for multiple professional CAD software packages. They seem to have most of the bases covered, at least by looking through this list of their current integrations: 

 CAD systems that can use the 3YOURMIND plugin
CAD systems that can use the 3YOURMIND plugin

They also provide integrations with several web-based CAD tools, too. 

But the list above most certainly covers virtually everyone working professionally in 3D CAD. 

What does the plug-in do? Several things.

First, it provides a complex checkout of your 3D model to ensure it’s compatible with 3D printing. While this function is available in a number of ways, it is far more convenient to do so directly from within your CAD system. 

 Sample 3D print service price quotes from 3YOURMIND's live system
Sample 3D print service price quotes from 3YOURMIND’s live system

After certifying the model is valid, you select the materials you’d consider for 3D printing. 3YOURMIND shows price quotes instantly as you select options, as obtained from their vast network of 3D print services worldwide. Apparently they offer access to over 150 different 3D printed materials. 

You can sort the quote options on more than just price: delivery time is an option, which may be critically important in some situations. You can also sort on popularity, which I suspect may have something to do with the public acceptance of the provider’s service quality. 

Once you order, the work is dispatched. 3YOURMIND no doubt takes a small cut of the print fee, but that’s expected. 

3YOURMIND offers three different plans for participation, including a free plan that would be of use to anyone. However, for €400 (USD$450) per month you can upgrade to a professional service suitable for more complex 3D printing activity. Functions include: 

  • Organize Projects & Quotations
  • Upload Multiple Files at once
  • Add Multiple Users
  • Add or Remove Suppliers
  • Manage Your 3D Printers
  • Pay 3D prints via Invoice
  • Lightweighting with lattice structure

They also offer a “custom” pricing experience that would be useful for direct integration into a company’s ERP platforms. In  a large operation, this level could be of great value and efficiency. 

If you’re doing many 3D print service requests, you might want to look at 3YOURMIND as they could not only save you money, but time as well. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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