A Not-So Peachy Update on the Peachy Printer

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 The we-won't-see-it Peachy 3D printer
The we-won’t-see-it Peachy 3D printer

There’s some news from the fellow behind the Peachy Printer project, which intended to deliver the world’s first sub-$100 3D printer

For those not familiar with the situation, Peachy announced a radical approach to resin-based 3D printing that should result in a very low cost device. They launched Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and swiftly raised almost USD$1M with the promise of delivering USD$100 3D printers. 

The team then set upon the task of building a reliable 3D printer and made significant progress, essentially proving the viability of their unusual approach. However, delivery always seemed to be delayed for one reason or another, always described as a legitimate technical development or manufacturing issue. 

 Follow the cash in the Peachy Incident
Follow the cash in the Peachy Incident

But then Peachy announced a catastrophe: one of their key team members had apparently stolen the majority of their campaign cash and blown it on a failed construction deal. Even more surprisingly, the perp actually confessed to the crime on video! A great deal of discussion and distress resulted and law enforcement agencies became involved. 

 The ill-fated residence on which a substantial portion of Peachy's campaign funds were spent
The ill-fated residence on which a substantial portion of Peachy’s campaign funds were spent

Since then we haven’t heard much from Peachy, until this week, when CEO Rylan Grayston provided a brief update. He explains: 

The Police have yet to press charges. Although David admitted to everything on camera, he is not talking to or cooperating with the police. Kickstarter is being responsive to the Police and has advised that they obtain a warrant through MLAT (mutual legal assistance treaty) so that Kickstarter can give the police information without breaking their privacy policy. This is the best kickstarter can do, and I find it very respectable that Kickstarter sticks to their privacy policy. 


Since the last update we’ve had to shut down operations almost entirely. Shortly after I broke the news I was working on multiple investment deals, none of which panned out. The company was no longer able to afford rent at the headquarters, so everything has been moved to storage. All of the employees have been let go, and my brother and I have both had to find other work to make ends meet. That being said, I am still working on Peachy Printer in my spare time. I have tried all kinds of things to get this company back on its feet. I’m not going to quit. I still want to bring this project to a better end than this, although right now I’m not sure how I will do that.

 Rylan Grayston of Peachy Printer
Rylan Grayston of Peachy Printer

Technologically, I’m disappointed that the Peachy concept never made it to market, as it’s an extraordinarily simple design that would have led to many more people having access to inexpensive 3D printing technology. While the end result of this project is laden with criminal activity from a rogue employee, I am hoping Grayston can somehow get this thing going again. 

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