Autodesk Releases Upgraded NetFabb

By on October 4th, 2016 in Software

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 Autodesk Netfabb has been updated
Autodesk Netfabb has been updated

Autodesk released Autodesk Netfabb 2017, which includes numerous improvements. 

Netfabb is a software solution providing significant functionality specifically for 3D printing applications. No, it doesn’t design 3D models, but it does accept them for repair and preparation for 3D printing. Its functions are particularly suited to operations running continuously 3D printers, where efficiency is critical. Netfabb can help make that happen. 

Autodesk’s VP and general manager of digital manufacturing,   Samir Hanna, explains: 

Additive manufacturing is having a profound impact on how manufacturers of all sizes look at product design, production, distribution and economies of scale. With Netfabb 2017, Autodesk has created a single set of industrial tools that help move from design to finished part quickly and easily.

Autodesk did not create Netfabb; instead they acquired it almost one year ago. Since that time they’ve been very busy enhancing the product. 

The new features include: 

  • Rapid file handing through the process of importing CAD files and converting them to editable STL files with the CAD import module. 
  • A wide range of model editing tools, which help users create the geometry needed to get powerful performance from additive manufacturing processes and machines. 
  • A new simulation utility provides fast and robust simulation of full layer deposition and predicts structural stresses and deformations in metal parts, which helps reduce the need for costly experimental iterations. 
  • The build support module helps users quickly create build supports, while automatic packing maximizes the number of parts that can be loaded on a build area
  • An advanced and powerful generative design enhancement feature enables fast and efficient light weighting and refinement of parts. 
  • Users are able to enhance part properties and throughput with an advanced toolpath engine that specifies hatching patterns and control parameters such as print speed, focus and laser or beam power. 

The new software was released as a free upgrade for existing customers on September 28th, but as of the 30th, it’s also available for any new customers. 

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