MakeX’s New M-Jewelry 3D Printer

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 MakeX's new M-Jewelry high resolution desktop 3D printer
MakeX’s new M-Jewelry high resolution desktop 3D printer

MakeX successfully launched a high resolution resin-based 3D printer in 2014; now they’re about to launch a new machine focused on the jewelry industry. 

The “M-Jewelry” is a new 3D printer based on their previous experience with resin-based 3D printing. It includes a number of very useful features and sports a low price, too. 

As are most high-resolution resin-based 3D printers, the M-Jewelry has a relatively small build volume of 64 x 40 x 130mm, but this is quite suitable for jewelry applications, as well as some dental applications. 

Within that small build volume, the M-Jewelry can 3D print pixels of 0.050mm or 0.032mm size. DLP-style 3D printers like the M-Jewelry measure resolution in terms of X-Y pixel size as they fuse the surface of liquid resin, not layer height as is used in plastic extrusion machines. That said, the M-Jewelry can apparently 3D print layers between 0.100 and 0.001mm! That’s very fine indeed. 

Interesting features include a LED light source, which will make the M-Jewelry last far longer than alternative machines using bulb-based projectors. Bulbs burn out; LEDs do not, at least for a far longer time. 

The M-Jewelry also includes a WiFi interface enabling wireless 3D printing from your desktop. This should make installation easier as there are fewer cables to deal with. There’s a color touch screen for easy operation, too. 

Physically the M-Jewelry offers a bit smaller footprint than competitive machines, making it easier to place on a desk in the workshop. 

But while those features are certainly interesting, they are not unique in the market. Many resin machines have similar features and can produce equally good prints. However, there is one feature MakeX can boast over others: price. 

The price of the M-Jewelry will not be known until it’s launched on Kickstarter, but according to MakeX representatives, it will be:

Only around 1/4 to 1/2 of that of other 3D printers with the same properties in the market.

And that’s competition in action: jewelry (or dental) buyers should shop around as there are deals to be had. 

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