Airwolf 3D’s AXIOM 20 Offers More Than Just Z-Height

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 Using the massive AXIOM 20 desktop 3D printer
Using the massive AXIOM 20 desktop 3D printer

Airwolf3D suddenly announced a new professional desktop 3D printer, the AXIOM 20. 

They’re describing it as “Ultra Tall”, and while it’s definitely not as tall as some units we’ve seen recently, it’s taller than others in the market it competes within. 

The major specification of the AXIOM 20, is of course, it’s Z-height. The build volume on this unit is 318 x 305 x 508mm. Thet’s VERY tall for a desktop unit. Personally, I have a category for “oversize” 3D printers as over 500mm on an axis, which is the level this machine appears to be. 

But here’s the thing: all of the “oversize” 3D printers employ a very constrained list of possible 3D printing materials. Typically they will print only PLA plastic because its diminutive warping is suitable for gigantic prints. While that material is likely suitable for some applications, for others it definitely is not. 

 The AXIOM 20 professional desktop 3D printer. Needs a banana for scale!
The AXIOM 20 professional desktop 3D printer. Needs a banana for scale!

Enter the AXIOM 20. In addition to the large build volume, this machine inherits the benefits of its smaller Airwolf3D cousins: the ability to print a very large variety of 3D print materials, due to its capable hot end, extruder, heated print surface, upgraded steel motion components and enclosed build chamber. The machine is also designed to easily handle longer prints of “30 to 40 hours at a time”. 

Which materials, exactly? Here’s the list from Airwolf3D:

  • ABS 
  • ALLOY 910
  • Bamboofill
  • Bendlay
  • Brassfill
  • Bronzefill
  • bioFila Linen
  • Carbon Fiber ABS
  • Carbon Fiber PLA
  • ColorfabbXT
  • Copperfill
  • HIPS
  • Igus Iglidur
  • LAY FOMM 40
  • LAY-FOMM 60
  • LayWOO-D3
  • “Nylon 
  • “Platinum Series””
  • Nylon 618
  • Nylon 645
  • NYLON 680
  • Nylon Bridge
  • PET
  • PETG
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid)
  • Polycarbonate/ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • Soft PLA
  • Stainless Steel PLA
  • T-Glase
  • TPU (Wolfbend)
  • Laybrick
  • Ninjaflex TPE
  • PLA 4043D
  • PVA

As you can tell, the machine has tremendous material flexibility. It’s highly likely it will successfully 3D print other materials not listed. 

But now this capability is packaged into a very large volume 3D printer, enabling professionals to 3D print large objects is MANY materials. This is a huge advantage, as it turns out there are many prototypes that are larger than the typical 250 x 250 x 250mm-ish build volumes of other machines. An industrial designer seeking a desktop 3D printer option and who intends on 3D printing larger objects in multiple materials now has an excellent choice in the AXIOM 20. 

Pricing for the machine is said to be sub USD$10K, placing it in an interesting position between the typical larger desktop units and the oversize 1,000mm machines. 

I suspect those interested in doing work suitable for this machine would find that price very attractive. 

Via Airwolf3D

By Kerry Stevenson

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